Friday, June 10, 2011

Well hello there...

So, if you don't know, (though if you're reading this, you probably do), I graduated from the University of Tennessee in good ole Knoxville a month ago. College was four of the best years of my life! It's been a month since graduation, and I'm still can't believe its over. This growing up is the pits!

So here I am with Dad and Mom at graduation!

Anyways, the day after I graduated, I packed up the Civic and my parents' truck. And I headed out with my momma to move to...
         the Lowcountry, 
                    the land of the Palmetto, 
                             "The Holy City,"

aka Charleston, South Carolina! 

This place is full of history and beaches and farmer's markets, but sadly I'm not just here for all of that riff raff...
            I am here to go to school at the Medical University of South Carolina for occupational therapy! [alright, and yes, to the frolick at the beach!]

So what is the point of this bloggy blog?
   - To chronicle my move and transition here
   - To teach ya'll about occupational therapy
   - So I can tell ya'll what Jesus is teaching me
   - To gross ya'll out with anatomy!
   - Because I told Lindsey Jo I would

So I hope ya'll enjoy! And you better come back soon because I already have my first anatomy post planned! And it won't be too gross, I think...