Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A List for Tuesday

So sometimes ole P Dub of Oklahoma makes a list of random thoughts. I'm no P Dub, but I thought I'd give it a try.

Twelve Thoughts for Tuesday, the Twelfth: 
(Raise your hand if you love alliterations)

1. A time line:
-Less than a day or two, and I get to talk to Kelsey on the phone! Welcome home, honeymooners! :)
-Less than two weeks, and I get to meet up in Atlanta for a weekend with Lindsey Jo and Ann!
-Less than a month, and my first semester is OVER!
-Less than five weeks, and I get to go visit Stephen in Colorado!
-Less than two years and one week, and I graduate from OT school!

Maybe it's too soon to be talking about that last one. Maybe.

2. I sent a care package yesterday to one of my good friends from UT who is working as a camp counselor this summer for the first time. She just completed her freshman year. I like her because she keeps me young. And because she makes me laugh. And because we share the same name. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm trying not to be jealous that she has three more years of undergrad and three more summers to be a camp counselor if she so chooses.

I'm not jealous. I'm not jealous. Okay, I'm a little jealous.

Pretty much everything you need to survive for a summer at camp!

And okay, I'm a lot jealous.

3. I didn't do a weekend recap because it pretty uneventful. It did have two highlights: (1) I helped a sweet friend move Friday night. We ordered pizza from a local joint. It was delish. Visit me, and I'll take you there. (2) Aliece's mama made a homecooked meal for us on Sunday. It was delish as well. Visit me, and I'll make you a homemade meal. It probably won't be as good as Aliece's mama's, but we can pretend.

4. Since starting grad school, I've picked up new habits. Like flossing and dusting. Mainly, I think, because those things are wildly more entertaining than studying.

5. Speaking of school, tomorrow night I get to go to lab and squish a brain. They're pretty squishy, if I am remembering correctly from undergrad.

6. Mom and I celebrated America's birthday last week by buying scrubs. We actually got some matching ones, though it's not documented. Sorry, maybe next time. She wears scrubs because she's a nurse. I wear scrubs because I go to labs and squish brains. And one day, I'll need them because I'll be an OT, in two years and one week, to be exact.

7. I just remembered that I have two leftover chocolate chip cookies in a ziploc in my backpack.

8. I've been going to a Bible study, and last night was really great. Loved hearing the testimony of other people, and what crazy things Jesus has been doing in their lives. It was a great time to confess sins, struggles, idols. Thank you Jesus for some girls to keep me grounded, growing, and challenged in You during my time here. 

9. So we have a coke vending machine in our building at school. It's the see-through kind, and it works beautifully, the majority of the time. But when it gets down to only about 15 bottles left. It foolishly thinks it's sold-out. Which is ridiculously devastating, because you can see multiple bottles still in the machine, and you're dying for a Coke because you still have several hours of class to go, but it tells you "sorry, sold-out." This is why we're better than machines. We're not dumb. But really, it's playing a cruel joke. Almost as cruel as this joke:

"I want to get a vending machine, with fun sized candy bars, and the glass in front is a magnifying glass. You'll be mad, but it will be too late." - Mitch Hedburg

10. Dad celebrated America's birthday with us by grilling hotdogs and cooking corn on the cob! I'm not sure why, but I've been in a hotdog craze lately. Like I may have to go to Sonic now and get a fancy schmancy one for dinner.

Also, Dad just accomplished his first physical therapy goal. 45 degrees of flexion! He's been working really hard on healing up his knee from an injury in May, which has been no easy task. Proud of you! :)

11. ...I just ate the cookies.

12. I think we're going swing dancing again this Saturday. Thank goodness! I've missed the awkwardness.


  1. Being the avid blog follower of yours that I am, I had to comment less-than-an-hour from posting of course. 57 minutes from posting, to be exact.

    Here's my list for you:
    1) Today I ate two hot dogs. I love them more than most other delectable dinner food choices.
    2) You look so offish in those scrubs! Woot woot OT Emily!
    3) Good call on the flarp- it might make her giggle uncontrollably. At least that's what it did to my big manly friend Jesse. Yes, uncontrollably!
    4) I'm thankful for you and your love for Jesus.
    5) Good luck with the brains!

  2. you're creeping to the top of my list of favorite bloggers. and my favorite part about it is that i actually know you and you say my name in your blogs sometimes, which turns me on a little. but don't worry, it's not in a sexual way. i just like it when you talk bloggy to me. also, i can't believe you're touching a brain.

    you're gross. over and out.

  3. Erica Vance-GreenJuly 12, 2011 at 8:48 PM

    I love those hot dogs from Sonic. They also have pretty amazing choice of drinks. I wish I had some of your cookies...haha! I miss swing dancing!

  4. So... I couldn't wait until tomorrow at work to read it. I read it now because you are just so darn interesting! I like to pretend I'm with you as I read it and i like it.

    I don't have anything profound or cute to say... just i love you.