Friday, September 14, 2012

Dear me...

Dear Sixteen Year Old Me,

[I'm doing this because this fancy writer did it...

And then Rachel did it...

And I currently have 5,000 projects due for school,
So, of course, I'm gonna do it.]

But I'm gonna make this flashy
Because we all know your attention isn't what it could be.
And I'm gonna embarrass you with your silly photos,
Because they're ridiculous and you deserve it.

News Flash #1 - It's okay to be tall!

Sure I know. You are taller than all your friends.
And you are taller than 50% of your guys friends.
Its okay, you're just ahead of the boys in that thing called puberty.
And they will catch up to you.
Well, some of them.
I mean sure, your legs are forever kicking people under the table.
And the leg room in coach airline seats is not meant for you.
But fret not, your height will come in handy at times.
For instance,
Nanas in publix will need you to reach things for them on the top shelf.
And you'll never have to get your bridesmaid dresses hemmed.

Oh, and you know how your big bro teases you about your height.
Well, he ends up falling in love with a fellow tall girl.
Who's laughing now 20 year old Stephen?

My arms were the last thing to stop growing.
News Flash #2 - Your parents aren't crazy!

You are.

Yes, you. Miss I'm a genius and know everything and my parents are fools.
See you actually have this thing call a pre-frontal cortex.
And it actually doesn't fully develop until your twenties.
It is what makes your decisions, conducts your reasoning skills,
And allows you to evaluate consequences.
Basically, your 16 yr old prefrontal cortex is a fool.

So when your parents make you stay home,
And hang with extended fam in town visiting,
And you're just dying to go hang out with a boy,
They're actually making the logical decision.
And you're being dumb,
Because you'll still have that fam seven years later,
But that boy, not so much.
And really, run away from that boy now.
Sure he makes braces look good,
But things are going to get awkward and weird.
So run. Or don't. It will make for a good story.

And when your parents tell you can't take your car to college,
Because you made a D in psych.
You deserve that too because that was dumb.
And sure you'll want to punch them in the face.
But don't. It'll all work out.
You'll meet Ann, and she'll drive you around freshman year.
And even though you got that D, you'll still get AP credit somehow.
And then you'll go on to major in Psych.

Obviously suffering from an underdeveloped brain

News Flash #3 - Be nice to Kelsey! She becomes fam!

Remember last year?
How Kelsey went with you to Lena,
And hung out with your Mississippi fam?
Well, she actually met her future husband there.
Spoiler alert, it's your nerdy cousin, Jay.
But they won't figure all this out until 5 years later.
So wait patiently.
And when you and Kelsey move to opposite ends of the state,
Don't freak out.
Cause eventually ya'll will share last names,
And it will be awesome.

Kelsey met her future hubs that week, while I was probably out winning turtle races.

News Flash #4 - Don't get a spray tan!

Don't get a spray tan for formal.
Its silly.
And you'll look like a carrot.

Warn Kelsey too.

News Flash #5 - Don't freak out about college!

Because you're going to.
You're gonna make a decision,
And then cry and cry about it for a month.
And think your life is over.
And that UT is gonna be the scariest place ever.
But that is silly.
You're gonna go to college
and meet these girls.                                                                       

and these boys.

And you're gonna have so much fun.
College is awesome.
It will be four of the best years of your life.
Maybe the four best ever.
But we'll let 30 yr old Emily report back to us and determine that.

News Flash #6 - Its okay to wear pink!

I know you think wearing pink is gross. 
That only Barbie would wear something so lame.
You also hate dresses, skirts, and painted nails.
You find all forms of jewelry to be icky.
And would die before piercing your ears.
But eventually you're gonna figure out that girly is good.
Because dresses are comfier than jeans.
And manis and pedis are magical.
And it'll take 6 more years, 
But you will get pierced ears.
However, it'll be a year after that before you actually like to wear earrings. 
You're still rather slow on the uptake. 
Somethings don't change.

News Flash #7 - You actually like science!

You think your future is in journalism.
Sorry, its not.
While you love being school newspaper editor,
And producing TV shows for your broadcasting class,
Somewhere in there is a strong affinity for science.
And in college, it'll beat out journalism and communications.
You'll take anatomy, biology, physiology,
And you will be shocked by how much you love them.
So go ahead and take science all four years.
It will fare you well.

But don't worry about math.
That ain't gonna happen. 

News Flash #8 - Do not fear!

You have so many fears.
Fears of failure.
Losing your reputation.
Not being popular.
Not fitting in.
Not being good enough.
Not measuring up.
Being different.
Losing friendships.
Being alone.
Being a disappointment.
Having to leave home.

And you let those fears control you.
And dictate your actions.

But you're gonna learn.
And relearn and relearn.
That you belong to Jesus.
You are his.
And he is yours.
And he will never leave you.
He will never forsake you.
He will be with you wherever you go.
And call you to do things you didn't think possible.
He will give you grace for all your mistakes.
And though you try, you will never be able to outrun him.
Because he loves you more deeply than you can fathom.
And he'll never stop. 

When you freak about college,
Mom will give you this verse.

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. So do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord or of me his prisoner. Rather, join with me in suffering for the gospel, by the power of God. He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. - 2 Timothy 1:7-9

Cling to it and the ones after it.
Use it and go love your classmates.

I'm gonna go and do the same.
Seven years later, and you're still in school.

Lets chat again when we're thirty,
But until then, stop listening to emo music, 

23 Year Old Me

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  1. EM... I LOVE YOU!!! :) I wish we were friends at 16... how awkward would we have been together. I love this. You are wonderful.

  2. Oops, having trouble linking up for some reason. *ahem*
    What I said was: You said a lot of the same things as me (down to the Timothy verse), but you were way funnier! Thanks for the great read! :)

  3. Okay, still having trouble .. . here's my blog in case you want to peruse . . . :)

  4. This is priceless. It is so touching to see that so many of us suffered from self-esteem issues, along with thinking our parents were fools. For those of us with older kids, didn't that just come back to bite us in the butt? :-)

    Love your carrot look-it really wasn't tooooo bad.

    Thanks for sharing your life. I loved the peek!

  5. Uhm. Yeah. Love this. :) Glad you left the school work to write it.

  6. I loved you at sixteen! You were awesome! I love you at 23! You are awesome! Thanks for a very fun look back at some great years! Super glad you belong to Jesus!

  7. Picked yours to read from Emily's sight because of the awesome picture...and I love your letter! Thanks for sharing and posting.

    I'm tall and my arms are also strikingly long...but let's be honest, I never need help with sunscreen and that's a plus=)

  8. Your blogs never fail to make me laugh and give me deep things to ponder. I am so thankful you are my friend :)