Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How Tired is My Brain?

Let's play a little game.

It's called "How Tired is My Brain?"
 (Sure, its a lame title for a lame game, but when I'm less tired, I'm sure I'll think of a better one)

So, how tired is my brain, you ask?

I'm so tired that today after a long day of class, I got in my car, stared at the foot pedals, and had no clue what to do. Now I do have a manual, so there is three pedals down there. But it's never tripped me up until today. I had no idea which was which and where my feet should go to start the car. I sat for a good minute or two before I was finally able to determine which was the gas, the brake, and the clutch. Thankfully, I made it home with no further confusion.

Now I know that theoretically brains have infinite capacity to learn... kinda. But personally I feel like that as I ingest new knowledge, I have to be pooping old knowledge out the back of my head. (Sorry for that graphic picture.. kinda.) So as I learned the brachial plexus on real anatomy today, I apparently pooped out my knowledge of car pedals.

I'm going to leave you with an anatomy photo and a verse. The photos are so you can understand why my brain is pooped, and the verse is so you can understand what is keeping me motivated!

So here is the conceptual version of the brachial plexus, which actually isn't bad to learn:

 And is the verse that is right by my desk, giving me major motivation! :)

Now I'm off to call the parents, so we can buy plane tickets to visit Stephen in Colorado in August!!

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  1. i think the most logical place for you to poop out old knowledge is your mouth. not the back of your head, just sayin'. ann can teach you how to master the technique of mouth-pooping.