Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jay & Kelsey Windham...weird!!

So now it is time to post about the wedding day! This will recap the actual day. I'll probably have to do one more post with just decoration pictures. There were so many little details that Kelsey put into this wedding. You just gotta see 'em to believe 'em.

But first let me give you a little background love story on these two so you can appreciate the magic!

Kelsey and I met on a fateful first day of seventh grade. She had chin-length hair and was awkward. I was a tall stick and also awkward. We had both recently crossed over from glasses to contacts, but the repercussions of our former four-eyes statuses were still embedded deep within. All this awkwardness and nerdiness combined with a love of Jesus, an acute ability to giggle for extended periods, and a tendency to crush on boys who never liked us back caused us to quickly raise our friendship status to middle school BFFs. Well after middle school, zoning caused us to go to separate high schools. But that didn't stop us from spending every weekend together (literally), going to the beach together, joining a dumb high school sorority together, going to proms and formals together, attending each other's family events, and of course, crushing on her momma's voice students together. You know, boys that didn't even know us. College got even harder. Kelsey went to Memphis. I went to Knoxville. But even our long-o state, Tennessee, couldn't keep us apart. We visited, sent cards, and called at least once a week.

Needless to say, me and this woman are close. So close in fact, that we decided she needed to join the family. Stephen, my older brother, wasn't really an option. They're pretty much official unofficial siblings. So that would just be wrong.

Insert Jay.

Jay is my cuz. Our dads are twinsies. We grew up together, and we and our siblings have always been close. Though we did go through some awkward years where we wore glasses and Jay played video games and I read books and we didn't talk to each other much. But then, we worked at camp together. And did some bonding. He really is a sweet guy; he would lead worship for the kiddos at camp. He'd act a fool, and the kids would eat it up! But he's also a man's man. He likes to hike the AT, climb rocks, and dance like a wild man. He watches the History Channel and the Cutlery Corner Network. He's a nerd no doubt!

One August, the twinsies decided we needed to get Kelsey and Jay together. Brilliant. Jay and I are freakishly alike as far as personalities go. And Kelsey and I are pretty much in love. So why wouldn't this work?! Well, that Fall, I got Kelsey to go with me to visit Jay's school, Mississippi State. Awkward moments, nothing happened. In December, when Jay's family came to the Boro to visit, all the cuzes (plus Kelsey) went to a hockey game together. Made them sit by each other too. Well, even more awkward moments, but no results. Fast forward to late June, I make Kelsey come volunteer at mine and Jay's camp for a week. More awkward moments, no connection except for the fact that he called her Mona Lisa once. Kelsey and I were about to lose hope.

But finally! That weekend, twas the fourth of July, a bunch of camp folks came up to my house to visit the Boro, including Jay. That Saturday, we spent the day at the park. And I'll never forget it. I saw Kelsey and Jay FINALLY talking! Just sitting there chitchatting away about art and history. Nerds. That night, they held hands on my couch.

And exactly three years later, they had the most beautiful wedding and are now husband and wife!

It's really an incredible love story that exemplifies the creativity of our God! And I'm so blessed to be a part of it.

So now onto the pictures from the big day!

So the turn to get to the wedding venue is a little tricky to notice. So Kelsey's fam got this sign to help people find it! In this pic is also Rebecca, Jay's cousin from the other side, but I claim her as my own!

Isn't she just gorgeous?! Her hair and her dress were just perfect for her! Kelsey and I spent many years staying up late, having slumbers parties, and giggling about boys and weddings, and I just can't believe her day has come! And even more can't believe this girl is now married to my cuz! 

Fixing her daddy's bowtie. Check out the details of her dress! Swanky.

Here I am with Jay and his brothers, Hugh and John. All we need in this picture is my brother, Stephen! However, he is off in Colorado ranging a park! Guess that's what you do when you're a park ranger.

My fine looking cuz waiting on his girl!

Some of the groomsmen! Don't you just love their different bowties! They also all had different color argyle socks on!

My flowers aren't at my bellybutton as they should be. They're a tad low. Don't tell the wedding planner. 

Let's pretend I'm praying right now. And isn't she beautiful?! And I love her veil. A Russian seamstress lady made her get it. She said if she didn't have a veil, she would regret it always for the rest of her life. No pressure though. Well she got it, and I'm glad. As is the Russian.

Onto the reception, which was in an open air barn still in the same area as the ceremony...

She set aside a section of the barn to be a photobooth, where you could play with props and act a fool. Here I am with Millicent, Kathryn, and Candace. All friends from camp. We're good at acting a fool. You'll see. 

Kelsey and Jay cut up the dance floor.

We did too.

We danced all night long actually.

I didn't say we were good at it.

Aren't they presh?!

Hugh even got Nana on the dance floor!

Finally it was time for the getaway. These boys play for keeps when it comes to car decorating. See that sweet little heart on the back windshield? It's made up of pads. Menstrual pads, if you want to get technical. Don't ask me. I don't understand. Though, I did ask. And I still don't understand. There's a few remnants on the wheels as well.

Good thing Jay's got his argyle socks on!

The twinsies, aka my co-conspirators, during the aftermath of the getaway.

One last picture! Beautiful wedding! Have fun in Puerto Rico. Just make sure you come back to me eventually :)


  1. This is a really lovely blog post. It made me chuckle quite a bit. And aww as well I believe. Has anyone every told you that your cuz looks like Hugh Grant? Well, I think he does. A young version of course.

  2. I love this. KELSEY'S DRESS IS AWESOME!!! WHAT THE POOP? IT'S PERFECT!! AHH!! I just want to scream!

    So glad it was such a sweet time for you. So glad your plan finally worked. So fun that it was a 3 year anniversary of the victory of hand holding - didn't realize that!!! God is hilarious! I like that He laughs!

    I love you! Can't wait to chat more. I miss you voice. I wasn't satisfied after yesterday's chat. I need more.

    P.S. I think I will like this Emily who recently posted. I should meet her!! :)

  3. Love the recap Em. Thanks for sharing Kelsey with Jay and the rest of the Mississippi Windhams.

    And no I'm not Anonymous; I'm Twinsie #1

  4. ahhh this is amazing! mom told me it was a beautiful wedding but im ready to see the details post to see for myself! they look so happy. love it!