Monday, July 4, 2011

Fancy Schmany Wedding Weekend!

Well, hello, I'm in the Charlotte airport! Everyone is a little frazzled here. My Nashville plane got here two hours late. And now my Charleston plane is running late too. The lady at the gate desk just announced that they have no idea where our flight crew is, but once they find them, they will stick us on the plane. Not sure how you lose a whole flight crew, but I don't know much, so I'm just gonna sit here and blog.

My weekend was fabulous. The goal of the weekend was to make Kelsey, my BFF since the 7th grade, a Windham, and we succeeded. They are now in Puerto Rico living the dream for ten whole days, and I am now one whole cousin-in-law the richer. 

So obviously, an epic wedding day recap is coming. Stay tuned because it will be here tomorrow, but I have to first show you Friday's events because they were not of epic wedding proportions, they were still fabulous indeed!

My mom threw Kelsey a Mexican fiesta style bridesmaids luncheon. So thankful that my family loves Kelsey just as much as I do. Words can't do this little party justice, and pictures barely do it justice, but that is all I got.

Here is a picture of the beautiful set up. And here is an idea of the delicious menu. It included chicken quesadillas, spinach and cheese quesadillas, spanish rice, tomato and cucumber salad, two different salsa, and best guacamole I've ever had. We also had frozen lemonade in margarita glasses with blue sprinkles on the rim (sadly I have no photo documentation of this). 

The centerpiece was made of rock candy and suckers!

Here is Kelsey's place setting. See that guac in the top left corner? Yeah, Kelsey and I destroyed that in no time, while the crazies on the other sides of the table barely put dents in their's.

Here is the beautiful bride-to-be, aka my BFFL, aka my now cousin-in-law, showing off our dessert. My mom made chocolate boxes and then filled them with Mora mousse. Mora is a fruit in we discovered in Ecuador. Mom used Mora juice to create this magical dessert!

Here is the bride and all the bridesmaids! :)

Kelsey and the hostess, aka my beautiful momma.

Here we are in all our glory! And just so you don't feel too bad about yourself, please know we were not always so good-looking... Here's exhibit A:

 This is us in the seventh grade at Kelsey's birthday party! We haven't changed much.

Alright so that wraps up the luncheon, now onto the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!

Practicing the walk down the aisle!


They're a happy couple, I promise!

John, Jay's older brother, and I practicing/celebrating our way out!

And now its time for the rehearsal dinner. This is the second rehearsal dinner my aunt and uncle have thrown in the past two months. John (above) just got married two months ago. Both times were really so beautiful and sweet and fun!

The set up! This restaurant was in downtown Murfreesboro, and had a beautiful view of our courthouse!

Myself and some other members of the wedding party! Sometimes I get overly excited. Like when my BFF marries my cousin. Or like when I find a forgotten candy bar in my backpack.

I have to give a shout-out to Keaton, Kelsey's little sister, and her boyfriend. His name is Hunter, but if you want to call him something affectionate, you should probably call him HunterBear. That's what I do. You should probably do it too. Now Kelsey and I had a rule that Keaton was not allowed to date until she was thirty-seven and a half. It was the right thing to do. Keaton is too beautiful to be out there with sketchy boys on the prowl, but then HunterBear came in, and we liked him. We'll keep him. And break our rule.

Jay giving a speech. I gave a speech too! You know, made people laugh, made them cry. No big deal!

And finally one last picture before the big day!!

Aren't they the best looking couple you've ever seen?! 

That's all for now! They just found found my flight crew! Oh sweet victory! See ya'll tomorrow for more! 

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