Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sleepy, Sandy Sunday

List making may just become a regular event around here.

10 Blurbs for Sunday.

1. I have an anatomy test over the head and neck Friday. After this big boy, we only have one more. And it's over the thorax/abdomen. And it's my favorite region of the body. And the organs are my favorite part of that region. And the kidneys are my favorite part of the organs. Because they're cute, like little kidney beans. Not that kidney beans are really that cute. But kidneys are.

2. We lost the Women's World Cup today in a shootout. It reminded me of 1999 Women's World Cup. When the US won in a shootout, and I just knew I was the next Mia Hamm. Until I gave up soccer for cross country. All hope of being a professional athlete was gone. Because I didn't really like to run. I was more of a power-walker.

3. I just googled power-walking to see if it is an Olympic Sport. It is! It's called racewalking! There is even a racewalking World Cup! Too bad no one told me this was a real sport! I really am an exceptional power-walker. It's a gift. Actually, it's all in the hips. But I could have been the Mia Hamm of racewalking. I would probably be sponsored by Nike by now. Doing commercials with Maria Sharapova and not studying anatomy.

4. I made homemade salsa and guacamole for a spa party Friday (more on that in a minute!) Both were quite successful and gobbled up at the party. I definitely relished the moment because my dishes are not typically the ones being gobbled up. It was a nice change.

So I bought this food processor last summer. All my roommates were out of town for the day, and I was lonely. So I consoled myself with this guy. And I promised myself I would make a new batch of homemade salsa every week. Well, Friday was the second time I've ever made salsa. Whoops.

I'll be better. I can change!

Confession. I knew how to cut and pit the avocado. But when it came to mushing the avocado, I was struggling. Youtube helped. Actually I think it was Anyways, mush with a fork! Works like a charm.

5. Since I'm already confessing... I have to admit... I've started getting into country music. Not a lot. But sometimes, I turn to the local country station. And I don't hate it. Don't get too excited yet (Stephen, Lindsey Jo, Michelle). It's slow transition. My appreciation starts to grow, but then they start singing about fishing, redneck yacht clubs, dead dogs, and tequila. And I remember why I've avoided the genre for so long. 

6. So my roommate kept seeing little crabs scampering around our condo's parking lot, but I would never see them. We live pretty close to the beach, but that's still a long-o walk for a crab. Anyways, I finally saw the little suckers.

They're kind of like large spiders. But not.

So there was five of them. And they were pretty humorous because they wouldn't leave the curb. They would all scamper in one direction until that seemed scary. Then they'd just scamper back all together in a line in the other direction. Wise crabs. Want to see what happens if a crab scampers too far from the curb?

Crab cakes.

7. So in a few weeks, I'm going with my parents to see Stephen in Colorado. And my mom just told me today that Stephen has that whole week off!! I'm so pumped! We're gonna shoot guns and hike and boat and tour and fish and explore and eat. Do they have bison burgers in CO? Or maybe moose burgers? Just a mere three and a half weeks, and I'll find out! 

8. We didn't make it swing dancing this weekend. We played games and ate ice cream instead! It was quite fun, but it means I'm don't have any new awkward dancing stories. I apologize if your hopes are dashed, but don't worry. I'm sure I'll have some more soon.

9. Friday night, my friend from class, Dannae, threw a homemade spa party for me and some other classmates! It was fabulous. And now my hands and feet are a luxurious kind of soft. And we laughed a whole lot. You'll see why...

Here's two of Dannae's homemade concoctions. First we used the body scrub on the right. It was full of oil, sugar, cocoa, and something else. A mystery ingredient if you will. Actually, it wasn't a mystery. I just forgot. On the left is a lotion. Not to confused with honey mustard. Though it did have honey in it.

We scrubbed our feet to exfoliate.

We also did our hands. Here's Anna Blair and Becca, two of my classmates :)

After exfoliation, it was time to apply the lotion. On the right is Dannae. She is a beast at throwing homemade spa parties! My gift is power-walking. Hers is throwing spa parties, among other things. Isn't it neat how everyone has different gifts, making us all unique. If everyone was really amazing at power-walking, I would feel sad. And lame.

For the lotion to have full effect and help you reach maximum softness, you need to have it on your skin for 20 minutes. To help this process and reach ultimate absorption, we bagged our feet in grocery bags, then put socks on top to make em stay on! Quite an amusing process.

We also lotioned and bagged our hands. And don't worry. You can totally eat brownies with bagged hands.

Then it was time to paint our nails. Confession again. I can't paint my nails. This is what happens when you spend middle school, high school, and half of college being a tomboy. Never painting nails and never wearing pink. One day, you wake up and decide girly things are fun. But by then it's too late, and you can't paint your nails. You can only paint fingers.

This is Savannah. She was gracious enough to follow in the footsteps of Kelsey and Clarissa and paint my nails for me. Maybe one day I'll learn, but with friends like these, probably not.

I had difficulty choosing a color. So we had to try out five different ones. I finally decided on the index finger one. I think its brown. but maybe purple. or maybe just gray. It's hard to say.

Kelsey, you know your colors. Come to Charleston and tell me what color this is. And then don't leave. 

10. Tomorrow is my parents 30th wedding anniversary! Pretty big accomplishment in this day and age! Very thankful and grateful for you both! Congratulations!

Have a happy Monday tomorrow!


  1. i'll trade you some ice cream for some of that salsa.

  2. My younger sister (named Emily Joy...of all things...) is a racewalker! She's gone to the Jr Olympics twice and won once (no joke). Its rad and she used to rain rally hard and be really into it (private lessons...all that jazz). But now she's going to college and wasnt quite dedicated enough to get scholarships, etc., so has poured her efforts into playing piano (another excellent choice for a hobby). Yeah, we know a lot about racewalking in my family. Its fun!
    Also, dude, you should have totally called me on how to make the guac! I live on an avo farm. How'd you make yours?
    Spa party looks awesome! :)

  3. I think I'm still recovering from the devastation of the World Cup...Lindsey Jo and Bryant probably think I'm a maniac! But it's a good thing they were there on Sunday, cause I had to put on a happy face even though I was dying inside....haha! Poor Jared would have had a mopey wife. That's the worst.
    It's so good to see you having such a great time with new friends. Spa parties are a good time. And why don't you just send some of that guacamole my way, I would totally accept it.
    PLEASE become a racewalker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last thought: maybe you should make a country song about your spider crabs? Think about it.