Thursday, July 21, 2011

One more day!

One more day of studying my brains out studying the brains...

But more importantly, one more day til I get to see...

this girl! She's Lindsey Jo!

and this girl! This is Ann. Actually, her name is Anna, but I don't think I've called her that in 4 years.

Oh right, you'd like to see a normal picture of them?

Okay, bad example, I'll try again...

See? We can be totally normal when we want to. Its just that we never want to.

We have way too much fun running around, being loud, acting like hoodlums!

I was so very blessed to meet these two girls my freshman year of college! We were all little UT newbies, and we found each other our first week of school. And remained inseparable for all of college.

But now we're out of college. And Lindsey Jo is in Tennessee. Ann is in Alabama. And you know where I am. But it doesn't matter. We're still inseparable!

We're all gonna roadtrip tomorrow and meet in the middle - Atlanta! For the weekend! And yes ma'am, I'm so excited! 

We do have some other college BFFs who aren't able to make it. Isn't it just amazing how we all met freshman year and never looked back :) I wanted to give them a shout out, so they'll know that they'll definitely be missed!

Props to Bryant, LJo's husband, for using his hotel points to let us stay in a hotel fo' free! You're the best!

Speaking of Bryant...

He and Lindsey Jo are having a baby!! A boy! His name is Isaac Henry! But I already like to call him Little Pea or Hank or Lil Buns! His world debut is mid-October, and I can't wait to meet the little man. 

Above is us in a wedding together in May! And her baby bump is way bigger now, and I can't wait to see it!

And if this photo worries you, don't you fret, I'm not pregnant. But the interesting thing about me in this photo is that if you check out my shoulder, you'll see my middle deltoid muscle popping out like nuts. So here's an anatomy tidbit for you, if you want to palpate your own or someone else's deltoid, just have them grab their belly and pull up! Guarantee you'll some deltoid-popping-outage.

Here's our exciting plans for the weekend:
-Dancing around to Justin Bieber's "Baby" while pointing at LJo's belly
-Laying out by the pool
-Talking and eating, we like to multi-task
-Going to Ikea
-Maybe visiting Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin's church
-Eating and talking, we like to switch it up
-And tie-dying some tube socks. 

Here's the reason behind the tie-dying. Lindsey Jo is gonna wear them when she has Isaac Henry! Then later, she'll write his name and birthdate on them. Then, whoever has a baby next (probably LJo again) will get to wear the socks and write on them. And it'll continue on and on!

It's kinda like the sisterhood of the traveling pants, but the socks version... That you only wear when you're giving birth (or adopting). And don't tell me that that's weird because I'll tell you to live a little!

See ya'll in the ATL!


  1. Well now this is just great. I hope you have a fabulous time in ATL: where the playas play, and we ride on them streets like every day.... That's the song I sang last time I was there. I was last there when I had an interview for Teach for America. That was an interesting experience. Have fun with the girls!! I'll see you next week. :)

  2. :) hahaha tie-dyed tube socks? that is so weird I love it. I am looking forward to hearing about this fun packed weekend in person!
    p.s. I like the pic on the blog header from our Pickney Picnic excursion :)