Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tearing up ATL

And by tearing up, I mean:
 eating, talking, laughing, eating, snuggling, talking, shopping, eating.

Isn't that what tearing up means?!

It's true, we had a ballin' weekend. If my weekend recap doesn't cut it, don't fret. Lindsey Jo and Ann have already posted their Atlanta updates. You should check out their blogs. They're pretty cool people. I like 'em. You'll like 'em. Just promise you'll come back to me. You will, won't you? At least lie.

Friday, we went to Chili's. We always do! We can predict what each other will order. At least me and Ann. We're creatures of habit. Lindsey Jo likes a little more spice in her life. We'll just call her Mrs. Unpredictable.

Saturday, we laid out by the pool. Then, we got ourselves cleaned up and went to Ikea. The place is mind-blowingly massive. And it bombards you with Swedish words.

 This is us in the Ikea concession stand line. Because when you go to Ikea, you need sustenance.

Or you won't make it.

Lindsey Jo is gonna use that fabric to make curtains for her bebe's room. Remember her bebe, Isaac Henry? He's gonna be here in a few short months. She also got some other doodads and trinkets for his room.

Ann and I got chalkboards to put in our kitchens! Did I ever tell you Ann and I used to share a bunkbed? She had the top bunk. I held down the bottom. It was a magical time in our lives. Now I just have a big girl bed.

And the magic is gone.  

After Ikea, we did a little more shopping. We went to Anthropologie. And we got mad. That dumb ole store, it may have ridiculously cute stuff, but the prices are just so outrageously ridiculous that it makes you want to either vom. or punch something. They were selling ordinary jeans for 200 buckaroos, and ceramic owls for a 100 buckaroos. 

I'm going to go to a yard sale. Buy a ceramic owl for a nickel. And then mail it to Anthropologie headquarters with a post-it attached that says, "You people are dumb." 

We didn't stay mad for long. How can you be mad when you get fabulous parking spots because one of your friends is "with stork" (as Lindsey Jo and this sign put it.)

 After shopping was Cheesecake Factory. That place is fabulous. And blows my mind. Yes, their cheesecake is the bomb. But everything else on their giant menu is incredibly delish as well!

Ann and her oreo cheesecake!

I got cookie dough cheesecake. I told you I'm a creature of habit. Anytime cookie dough is on the menu, I get it. The same goes for bacon. Thankfully, there was no bacon cheesecake, so I didn't have to choose.

Oh! I almost forgot!

We tie-dyed our labor socks! They are going home with Lindsey Jo. It is looking like she is going to beat me and Ann in the race to have the first bebe of the group. It's also looking like the labor socks should just go ahead and get comfortable in Lindsey Jo's sock drawer. I don't think they'll be going anywhere else for a while.

And that was our weekend! So great to see some of my favorite people in this ole world! They are two of the most incredible friends. I love how we just get each other. And I'm so thankful for them and love them lots! Also, thanks to their two sweet hubs for letting them get away for the weekend!

PS - Thanks to Lindsey Jo for helping us make our blogs cuter. I'm stilling working on mine. Trying to make some buttons for the side. Can't make any promises.


  1. Sounds like you had so much fun! I love Atlanta...way too much things to do there!Oh man, Anthropologie store sounds so $$! I guess we both will have to stick to good ol' Target. =) By the way, your blog design is awesome! I promise to check back often. I need help on changing my title with pictures in it but I can't seem to get my picture to fit. Any advice?

  2. Wow, your blog really did get super cute. I'm a little J. Nbd though, cause my plain ol' black blog fits my unique and vibrant personality I think. I'm so glad you had so much fun! I'm excited to hear more from you when I'm looking at your face! I will be on the road to you in a couple of hours!