Saturday, August 27, 2011

Colorado, Harry Potter, and 'Cane Irene

Well, people, this little blog is a little behind on life. I was off from school for two whole, delicious weeks. But that is over. School is back. And I'm a little sad. I love my classmates. I really like my teachers. But looking at syllabuses full of research presentations, group projects, tests, and lab practicals is just not nearly as exciting as frolicking through mississippi, tennessee, and colorado with friends and family.

And if you're wondering why I haven't been motivated to blog the past 2+ weeks, listen here:

1. I lost my camera. I know what you're thinking, can this blog go on without a camera? I don't know. This is unchartered territory, people. I hate posting blogs without pictures, but press on, we will. (yoda moment.)

2. I finally decided to read Harry Potter 6 & 7. I had read 1-5, and finally, I decided it was high time to finish the saga. I read #6 in 24 hours. #7 took a little longer because school started, and I had to go to bed at a responsible hour. I'm glad I've finished. I was having HP dreams every night. One night, Harry and I were trying to escape the Death Eaters from a Hilton hotel. It was stressful. Lobbies have so many doors.

Also, does anyone else think Dumbledore and Gandalf are twinsies? One went to save Middle Earth, and one to save England. So noble those two.

3. Hurricane Irene was distracting. I was having to think about evacuation plans and emergency kits. Thankfully, Irene decided to pass us on by! We just got hit with a few teeny storms, but look how close she got.

As Irene sped by us, my roommate and I celebrated by dipping strawberries in brownie batter and watching a movie. Yes, Becky, I consumed raw egg. I laugh in the face of danger.

Please keep praying for people in NC and even further up north that are getting hit with Irene. Living on the coast definitely makes you realize the seriousness of hurricanes more so than living in landlocked Tennessee.

4. While in Colorado, several days when we made it back to the hotel, I would pass out and fall asleep before my parents. No time to blog when you gotta snooze. Also, feel free to call me Nana. Is it too early to check into a nursing home?


So, some Colorado updates are most definitely due and will be coming pronto tanto, but first, I need to give you a brief overview of the break before CO.

Almost as soon as I flew home to Nashville, I hopped in my dad's truck and headed to Memphis to see Kelsey and Jay and their new digs. We had a lot of fun! Their place is mind-blowingly adorable. Kelsey, if painting doesn't work out, I think interior decorating is an exceptional back-up plan for you.

I was going to give you a picture home tour of their place, but of course, my camera is MIA. You're also missing out on an awkward picture of Jay holding Kelsey behind his head with her legs sticking out with his head in between them. Hm. A picture really is worth a thousand words because there is no way you have a clue what I'm actually describing. I did steal one picture from Kelsey's facebook though.

This is my room when I come to stay! Actually, it's Keaton's. She claimed it. But when I visit, it's totally mine.

After leaving K & J's, I headed to Nashville. I got pulled over by a trooper and got a ticket even though I was going 5 miles under the speed limit, but that's a tale for another day. I finally made it to Nashville to celebrate Lindsey Jo and her fast coming bebe, Isaac Henry! She is my first close friend to have a bebe, and I'm so very excited to say the least. He is coming in October, which is just around the corner. Of course, I took pictures at the shower and also of IH's nursery cause LJo is a super cute decorator as well. But my camera is missing, did I mention that?

I did steal this picture from LJo though!

I got IH that ballin' onesie! Lindsey Jo, I expect pictures of IH in this daily. At least weekly.

At the shower, I also got to see Ann and Ami. It was so fun to all be reunited! So sad that it was so short. We better all get together for Christmas or I'll step on all your toes.

So there you have it. Next up will be CO recaps.

PS - I didn't ask LJo or Kelsey permission to use their pictures. They might sue me for copyright breaches, but I'm not scared! Remember? I laugh in the face of danger! Ha ha ha.

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