Friday, August 12, 2011

Instant Nostalgia

Well, it should be about time for another Reminisce Thursday.

But, I'm all kinds of behind on my blogging due to a little something something I like to call a gross anatomy final. And I don't mean gross as in ew. Gross anatomy is the actual name of our class. It pretty much means we only look at things we can see with our own two eyes. We don't use no microscopes.

Anyways, this post is not gonna be of the reminiscing kind. Well it is, but I'll just be reminiscing things that have happened within the past seven days and even the past 12 hours. We'll call it instant nostalgia.

If you're gonna read this blog, ya gotta be flexible.

This past week I went to Clemson to visit my friend, Emily, and help her move into her new apartmento. We got that deed all done on friday night, giving us all Saturday to frolick and play. We had lunch with a new friend, Lauren, and, we talked about ultimate frisbee, and I had a sandwich with bacon on it. Then we explored Clemson's campus. It was totes adorb. Let me show you!

"Clemson Welcomes You To Death Valley"

Does that scare anyone else? I don't know how I feel about this name. It's a little too much for me. A little too traumatic. A little too now or never. Do or die. I mean, I enjoy football. Put on your skimpy, cropped leggings, your hefty shoulder pads, and chase your awkwardly shaped pig-skinned ball, and we'll all have a grand time. But let's keep our wits about us. No one needs to die! You're so young. You have so much to live for.

So alright Clemsonites, where did this come from? They do have a graveyard on the hill right next to the stadium. Is this a coincidence? Enlighten me.

Clemson has brick buildings, big trees, grassy knolls, and lots of intramural fields.
Doesn't get much better than all that!

Can I go back to college yet?

Here's Emily bonding with her new mascot. Look closely, thanks to that fab face she's making, you can see Emily's sternocleidomastoid muscle popping out. Look at her earring, then down and to the right just a little. It's that slender neck muscle going up and down.

I chose to bond with the friendlier mascot. I don't like to get my head bit off.
Literally or figuratively.

After touring Clemson, we went home to take naps because we're nanas. Then we went out to dinner and movie with some of Emily's new friends. We saw The Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It was pretty good! I like sci-fy-ish movies, but I'm not sure I appreciate them for the right reasons. I kinda treat them like comedies and usually laugh at parts when no one else does. But a hoard of monkeys rampaging the city and throwing spears an animal control truck is funny, people!

And I learned that if I ever want to start an ape army, it needs to include at least one gorilla and one orangoutang. The orangoutang is your wise, intuitive mentor. And the gorilla is your macho wall/fence--or even helicopter--knocker downer. Both of these guys are essential! At least if you're serious about freedom and conquering!

After Clemson, I did go home and study for that aforementioned final. I took it, and so completed my first semester of OT school! Practically an OT!  Except my only skill right now is pointing out and identifying body parts. So okay, not really, but let me pretend. The most important thing though is that I do get two whole weeks of summer vacay, and I'm p u m p e d. 

First celebration for ending the semester was a "post-gross" party. It was at a roof-top bar that had pretty fun views of the city! Sadly, nighttime was not cooperating, and I don't have any photos of the views.

Here's a few of the ladies from my OT class!

Here I am with Savannah, Becca, and our anatomy professor! He is really one of the best teachers I've ever had. And he really cares for his students! He had 150 students in just this one class, and he knows my name! Wild! And he is the teacher that let me take a test early so I could get home for the K & J wedding! So he's a hero in my book no doubt.

I flew home from Charleston today. Dropped off a friend at the airport at 5:00 this AM. And let me tell you, romance was in the air in the wee hours of the morning at the airport drop-off area. Lots of couples getting their last minute mackin' in. Probably works better than coffee!

Then later, Aliece took me back to the airport so I could fly out myself at a more decent hour of the morning! And once again, the Charleston security blew me away. I've never seen a more friendly group of terrorist catchers! I just want to hug them all. But maybe I'll just start it slow and go with high-fives.

I actually blogged while on the plane. Cause I'm classy. Then I deleted it. Cause I'm a fool.

Dad picked me up from the airport and drove me home, and is sweet cause he then let me jump in his truck and drive to Memphis. Actually, I drove just barely south of Memphis. To Mississippi. To Southaven. But really to Horn Lake. But the city I typed in on my gps to get here is called Nesbit.

It's like Nesbit is a community of Horn Lake which is a community of Southaven which is a community of Memphis. Got it?

I don't understand either. But I do like the name Nesbit. 

There's a Mrs. Nesbit briefly in a movie. What movie?!

But anyways, I'm here in Nesbit. At the new residence of the Windham's. Kelsey and Jay. 

And my heart is very happy. And they're the cutest newly weds you'll ever meet. 
And they're my best friends. and I like it.  

And that brings you up to the now! How's that for instant nostalgia?


  1. Clemson's stadium is called Death Valley because of the place in the Dakotas (the other real Death Valley- we won't even discuss LSU). There happens to be a rock from the real DV at the top of a hill leading into the field. All of the players gather around it, rub the rock, and then run down to the field to start each home game. Truly one of the coolest traditions in college football!

  2. There's a city called Death Valley in California! Its near Los Angeles. Its like the lowest point in the state (below sea level).

  3. This is so amazing, i just had to comment. I have to say, I miss you. Also, I'm slowly catching up on your awesome blog. Also, I would guess that you ate at Pot Belly Deli, am I right? Also, that's great you learned about the graveyard, I didn't know about it until Senior year! Also, me and Emily are friends now! :)