Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy birthday, Dad!!

I'm interrupting my blogging sabbatical to bring you 
a special birthday post in honor of my dad!

Four score and seven years ago, my dad came into this world. Okay, not really that long ago, but who wouldn't want an Abe Lincoln quote in their birthday post? I know Dad would.

Dad came into this world as a twinsie, which also means Happy Birthday, Uncle Gary! 

I'm pretty sure they came out of the womb BFFs. And that has never changed.

The twins also liked to match. Right down to their footwear.

Which has also never changed.

Right down to their footwear!

But Dad is a lot more than a twinsie, he's the man who gave me 50% of my DNA!

Particularly the height, the blue eyes, the athletic ability, the affinity for science, and dashing good looks.

He coached my little soccer teams.

He came to choir recitals, basketball games, dance recitals. And he told me I was great, even though I stunk at all those things.

He introduced me to gum.

He went on a McFadden weekend field trip with me, even though it meant he had to stay in a cabin with ridiculous sixth grade boys.

He apologized to me if he ever felt he had been in the wrong.

He sent me to bug camp.

He helped me publish newsletters as a fourth grader to send to family and friends. It was basically blogging of the stone age.

He invented a mildew resistant, double flower dogwood tree.

And named it after my mom.

He cheered me on at all my cross country meets, even though I ran like a nana.

He taught me the importance of SEC football.

He took me on many work trips. And bought me lots of candy and books along the way.

He supported my crazy mission trip to Kenya.

He took me and my college friends and roommates out to lunches and dinners.

He postponed his knee surgery to watch me graduate from UT.

And he still:

Can diagnose any plant disease this side of the Mississippi. And beyond.

Prays to Jesus for me and with me.

Loves my Momma lots.

Takes me on vacations.

Tells me I'm beautiful.

Buys me candy and books.

Picks me up from the airport way past his bed time.

Puts up with my million phone calls, full of questions regarding cars, insurance, taxes, and bed bugs.

Sends me little notes and "happys" to brighten my day.

Dad, I am SO blessed to have you in my life! And I love you so much! Hope you're having fun at Demos and Sweet Ceces! See you in October!!


  1. i am diggin' that birth announcement. happy birthday alan!

  2. too sweet.... o alan. Happy day or birth!

    I love the Windhams!