Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Ann!

Dear Ann,
I'm a big fan.
You always make me laugh,
And you burp like a man.

You are quite loud,
But stand out in a crowd.
You're absolutely gorgeous,
Though not bosomly endowed.

We shared a bunk,
Til you married a hunk.
When we got back from Africa,
Your feet really stunk.

You moved to Troy,
Where you spread the Joy.
Now, you're a momma to Walter,
A hyped up little boy.

You rap in sign.
And it blows my mind.
You got mad skills,
And I wish they were mine.

You sure got class,
But ain't without sass,
If you don't visit me soon,
I'll kick your... bottom :)

Let's be neighbors one day.
We'd frolick and play.
Our kids would starve,
But we'd laugh the days away.

You're my best friend,
And apparently my twin.
With love from Emily,
I'll love ya to the end!


1 comment:

  1. Thanks em.

    I love you. You are wonderful!!!!!

    We will definitely live together (our poor children).

    You are great and I love having an identical twin as by BFF!!!!!!!

    P.S. Last night Jacob and the other youth leaders were scheming a surprise and my heart wanted you to pull up and be my birthday present!!! It was a cake... a delicious cake... but I wanted it to be you! :)