Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy BIRFday!

So today is Stephen's birthday.

In case you don't know, he's my favorite brother.

Granted, he is my only brother.

But even if I had another one, he'd probably still be my favorite.

Sorry nonexistent brother.

It's just that Stephen is kind of a trump card when it comes to brothers.

I mean. I can't lie. When we were younger,  sometimes I did actually try to destroy him.

He could just give me a look, and I'd burst into tears.

He also had this ridiculous way of yodeling my name.

And when he did, my heart would explode with anger.

I'm not kidding.

But somehow we made it through childhood.

And now he's one of my favoritest people.

He makes me laugh. and encourages me.

He can be weird and awkward. Like me but with better social skills.

And he always manages to love me even when I freak out like a crazy person.

--> Like I did when he told me to come work at camp with him. He told me over the phone that I needed to come--like the next day, and then I cried for the next 12 hours. Camp? Me work at camp? The last time I went to a camp was in the fourth grade. And I got homesick and had to come home early. But I went. Cause he told me too. And ended up spending the next three best summers of my life there. Thanks to Stephen.

--> And like I did here.

--> And like I did when we went out to CO this December, and he took me skiing. We had great fun on all the bunny slopes, but then he took me down a 3.5 mile run from the top of the mountain. I hadn't eaten in 5 hours, I'm outrageously outta shape, and I wasn't prepared for the dang 10,000 ft altitude (I live at sea level, people). Anyways, ya'll! I whined and complained the whole way down that mountain. I turned a 20 min. ski run into two hours. Again, not kidding. In my defense, I was cramped, starved, and feelin quite pukey. But for the 5 million times I told Stephen I couldn't make it, he always told me I could and never once told me I was a weinie.

And again in my defense, once we did make it down the mountain, I went right home and actually puked cause I really was that exhausted. I had like a 8 year puke-free streak going, and then it was ruined. But it was worth it to learn that even when I'm being a diva/dying on a mountain, my brother will be there with an endless reservoir of patience and encouragement.

So yeah, that's my brother. He's my fave.

And here's some of my favorite photos of us for you viewing pleasure.

Juggling together in Ecuador.

He came to see me off at prom.

Awkward beach picture.

With our cousin Sampson.

With our other cuzes.

Awkward Thanksgiving photo.

Christmas dinner.

In CO at his park this August.

CO this December.

Happy at the top of mountain. 

And then that night I puked.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEPHEN! I'm proud of you, I love you, and I miss you so much!

**Author's note: I know some of my classmates will read this because we're all looking for any and every excuse not to study pathophysiology. And you've probably noticed that my brother is ridiculously good-looking. And now you know that he is also kind and wonderful. And so I just wanted to go ahead and say, yes, he has a girlfriend! Sorry, ladies...


  1. Can your whole family juggle? I'm so jealous!!

  2. Brothers are the best!!!!! I love mine and I'm glad to see you love yours. ;) Reading your blog makes me giggle and smile. Plus then I miss you. Happy Birthday Stephen! I know you don't know sorry for the weirdness.
    Love ya!