Thursday, June 30, 2011


Who has two thumbs and dominated a paper and two giant anatomy tests this week and is now in the Charleston airport about to fly home?!

That's right.

This girl.

So I was going to do a berry picking post this week, but it didn't happen! I did kick gluteus maximus on my super scary surface anatomy test. It was actually not super scary. And because of this test, I am now talented in the art of finding people's carpal bones. You know, those eight teeny weeny bones in your wrist, yeah I can find all of then. And next time I see you, I'll probably want to palpate yours, and I probably will.

Also, my anatomy test this morning went pretty well. It was all about the pelvis and the legs. I may not have kicked gluteus maximus on it, but I at least kicked some gluteus medius.

Okay, so since I don't have time to tell you all about berry picking adventures, we'll have to settle for a little anatomy lesson. 

Let's have a chat about the Tensor Fascia Latae. Doesn't it sound like a drink you'd buy at starbucks? Well, it's not. Ever done some frolicking, leaping, leg pointing, toe touches, high kicking, etc? Then, you've been putting this little thigh muscle to good use. Anatomists have affectionately nicknamed it the "dancer's muscle".

What this little guy does is flex your thigh (meaning it pulls it up) and extends (straightens) your knee. Here is a photographic example of this movement for you visual learners.

Now as you can see my right leg is engaging the Tensor Fascia Latae (Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?). Now Ami, Anna, and my left leg are all engaging some knee flexor muscles, including biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus. However, their names are lame and have no nicknames. 

So anyways, next time you feel like leaping through the air, take a moment to thank your Tensor Fascia Latae.

In other news, if you ever feel the calling to work at an airport, I highly recommend the Charleston International one. I just went through security, and I was the only person there. It was so leisurely. They were all extra friendly. Normally, airport security is trying to just push the mass of people through, all while watching out for terrorists. And I never feel a lot of personal, friendly attention. That is until they think I'm a terrorist and frisk me. But not today! No frisking, just happy smiles. I never knew happy and airport security could go together. Whole new world here!

Anyways, my flight is about to board for Charlotte, then on to Nashville! :)

Wedding schedule:
Bridesmaids' luncheon tomorrow, at my house, thrown by my mother
Rehearsal dinner tomorrow night, thrown by my aunt and uncle
The Kelsey and Jay wedding will take place Saturday evening!! 

So excited!!! Don't worry. There will probably be multiple wedding blogs to document the festivities!


  1. Well now. This blog post was just wonderful! You included both Starbucks Lataes ;) AND the Charleston airport, which has been my friend several times as well. :) I will miss seeing you this weekend but I sure do wish you a lovely time!

    P.S. You've totally inspired me to revive my blog. That would a grand way to spice up my often slimy slow week days. Thanks!

  2. you make me smile. i can't wait for the wedding documentation.

  3. haha I love this!! Beautiful explanation and demonstration of Tensor Fascia Latae (hehe I can't wait to see you visuals as we progress to the muscles of the face ;)). Yes isn't the "International" Charleston Airport great? Atlanta airport scared me to death the first time because of my limited airport exposures. I hope you had many willing palpating participants this weekend and great fun at the wedding!! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

  4. I think your thumbs up picture is going to be one of my all-time favs. =)
    Way to go on kicking that gluteus maximus! You're one smart cookie. I'm so proud of you! My experience at airports has not been one of pleasure of leisure, so this Charleston International Airport must be one of the seven wonders of the modern world. I'm glad you got to go home! Yeah for weddings!!!
    As always, the anatomy lesson was educational, inspiring, and assistive to learners who perform through visual representation. ;)
    I'm ready for more frolicking in Charleston!