Sunday, June 26, 2011

Study. Kayak Adventure. Study.

Friday night - I wrote a paper. Yeah, you heard me.

Saturday morn - MUSC put together a little kayaking trip. I went with some other ladies from my program. Now, the trip said we would be kayaking Shem Creek. So I thought I'd be kayaking an easy peasy, measly little creek complete with a current to take me where I wanna go. Well, false.

So, this "Shem Creek" is actually a little waterway with lots of boating docks, and it feeds right into the ocean. (Duh, emily, if you live in Charleston, why would you kayak anywhere else? Lesson learned.) Well, being around all the boating docks was pretty cool because lots of shrimp boats are docked there. And when they bring in their freshly caught shrimp, they have to throw out all the riffraff fish they accidentally catch! Well, this attracts all sorts of seagulls, pelicans, and dolphins! As a shrimp boat passed right by me, I felt like I was in the movie The Birds. Seriously they were swarming and going nuts. I feared that either I was going to have pecked out eyes or a pooped on head. Thankfully, I survived.

But the dolphins! They would surface right next to you! It was awesome! The water was dark, so you'd never see them coming, but then they'd pop up, blow their little blow hole, and then disappear. I kept waiting for one of them to jump over me in my kayak, reminiscent of Free Willy's epic escape. Here's a visual:

You know, in slow motion and all magical-like. But I couldn't get any of the dolphins to comply. Apparently, they aren't as into Free Willy as I am. 

Anyways, back to the trip. We left the waterway and headed out into the ocean. It was tumultuous and wavy, and ocean currents try to make you go where you don't want to go, surprisingly. And they made us go pretty dang far out there.

But, it was fun, we saw some sites, particularly a bird sanctuary (basically a bird island. no humans allowed.) Baby pelicans are ginormous, if you're wondering. We also saw some historical sites. The tour guide threw out lots of historical facts at us. I think I remember one or two. We stopped at a beach, caught some crabs, including stone crabs, hermit crabs, and horseshoe crabs. I didn't catch one. I like my fingers.

Then we headed back. Saw some more dolphins, still no Free Willy fans. And now, my shoulder muscles (mainly my trapezius) hurt, but it was worth it! 
Saturday afternoon - I studied.

Saturday night - Studied with two friends. I know! I kinda have friends now. It's nice.

Sunday - Church. Lunch with friends. And now I'm studying. Actually, you caught me, I'm blogging. I needed a break from leg muscles. They're not much more fun than the arms.

Why am I studying so much? Big, scary, surface anatomy test on Tuesday. You have a ten minute time slot. You go in. Its just you, the teacher, and another student. You draw five terms out of an envelope. They could be bony structures or muscles anywhere on the back or arm. Then you have to find them on your partner. Yeah, you try to differentiate your 20 different forearm muscles. And if you can't find them, I guess you shrug your shoulders and make a really awkward face at your teacher.

 Then I'm taking my second big gross anatomy test all about the pelvis and legs early on Thursday, so I can fly home Thursday night for the Kelsey/Jay wedding! Can't wait!

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