Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weekend with Beck!

Okay, so I wanted to do this post tomorrow. But tomorrow is booked. So this must happen today. And just so you can understand the bookedness of my crazy thursday, here is my crazy thursday sche: 

9 - 10:30 = Surface Anatomy
10:30 - 12 = awkward break, might go buy a ticket to go on a kayaking trip Saturday?!
12 - 1 = Anatomy group tutoring
1 - 3 = researchy class
3 - 4 = ot basics class
4 - 6 = interprofessional class
7 - infinity = Riverdogs minor league baseball game! it's "thirsty thursday" woooo. actually, i was really crossing my fingers for dollar hotdog night. slighty sad. apparently, most people my age are more interested in cheap beer than cheap hotdogs. poops.

So that's thursday, but that's in the future. We need to go back into the past and reminisce about the good ole days when Becky roamed the streets of Chucktown, aka this past weekend.

So Becky got here Saturday after braving a drive through the mountains and a torrential storm. I cooked her dinner: Dang good Jambalaya. It's super easy to make (obviously if I can do it), and it's quite tasty. You should give it a whirl some time. Then we made some dessert. It's called Half Baked. The name is derived from the fact that you take a large chunk of cookie dough, smoosh it in a pan, stick in the oven, pull it out once its all ooey and gooey (aka half baked), and then lob some 'nilla ice cream on top. Where did this masterpiece of a recipe come from? Anna, of course.

We spent the rest of Saturday catching up and then going to bed by 11:00 because we are nanas. 

Sunday was church. Then afterwards, my new friend, Aliece (the one you can thank for getting me to go swing dancing) had invited us to picnic with her, which we did. It was incredibly fun! I haven't been on a picnic in years. I really have no clue when my last picnic was. I highly recommend you get yourself together and go on a picnic pronto. Let's set a goal. You need to go on by July 4th. The bar is set. Will you meet it? Here's some photo documentation so you can see how the deed is done.

Here is our smorgasbord! It included egg salad sandwiches (though I did bring a double decker PB for myself because I'm weird), strawberries, blueberries I picked myself, carrots and a delish dip, and cookies!

This is Aliece, our picnic planner! We met at church, but she's a first year at MUSC too! She's going to be a PT missionary when she grows up. She's been a huge blessing in my transition to Chucktown. She is the bomb -- really! Whenever you come visit me, you'll get to meet her, and maybe if you're nice, she'll plan a picnic for you too!

And here's the Beck! I like this picture. I may just have to print it and stick it by my bedside. She'd probably think that's weird, but since we now live hours apart, she can't stop me! Yeah, that should teach her to move hours away from me!

This is the house of Charles Pickney, a fine chap who signed the Declaration of Independence and I think he was the ambassador to Spain for Thomas Jefferson, among other things. His house and the park surrounding it were the site of our picnic.

Here is Beck and I enjoying a moment on Charles's porch! 

 So after the picnic, Beck and I accomplished some shopping for some upcoming weddings, then we went home to recover because it was hot and we're weinie shoppers anyway. After a nap, a movie, Jambalaya leftovers, phone calls to our dads to wish them a happy Father's Day, and the temperature had dropped outside, we ventured to downtown Charleston.

Here is some further photo documentation:

 Downtown is full of swanky, gorgeous homes like this one. So we did a lot of creepy gawking.

Don't you wish this was the entrance to your house?! Me too.

We discovered this pier downtown that I have never even noticed before!

So one important thing I learned from Beck's visit is that I'm a terrible tour guide of Charleston. In my defense, I've only been here a month. But as we toured Charleston, I could point out all the important landmarks to her, but I had no clue of their significance. I'd say, "Well, there is such-n-such, it is from one of the wars, probably Revolutionary or Civil, and it's a really big deal, and I have no idea why." So I promise! Whoever visits next, I will take some time and learn lots of trivia and facts to tell you!

So my uninformative tour of downtown concluded our Saturday night. Then, Monday, since I didn't have class til the afternoon, we got up, grabbed some donuts from Dunkin, and headed to the beach!

We each got a donut, and then we got a dozen donutholes to split. And by split, I mean I had eleven, and Beck had one. Hey, I offered.

Monday night, I took Beck to a bible study, and then Tuesday morning, we got up, made cinnamon rolls, and sadly, she left me. Thanks for visiting Beck! You're kinda really great, and I kinda really, really wish we were still roommates! I wish that a lot.

Oh one last detail, we did manage to go out for ice cream every night. And I got cookie dough in it every time. It was a necessity.

Well, this was a long post, probably my last one til the weekend! Happy hump day!


  1. my heart is REALLY sad I couldn't be there too!
    I'm so glad y'all had time together. I know that was special for you!! :)

    CAN'T WAIT TO COME VISIT YOU!! I WILL find a time! I can't wait to visit Chuck town and meet the people who live in the ivy staired house!!! I'm sure they will be as great as "Lola" and Austin.

    i love you. i can't wait to see you.

  2. I love this! and i'm so happy that you got to go swing dancing, and that God has placed the people in your life you were looking for :)
    Love, Clarissa

  3. you look like you're fun to visit. i want to come.

    also, i am commenting on all your blogs ever so that you'll keep doing them, cause i love them!!

    and i wish your thursday wasn't crazy so we could talk today since i stink and missed your call yestaday.