Friday, August 5, 2011

Clarifications for Slaba Slaaaba Tuesday.

So I was studying this morning. And things were going along really well. I got through the lungs and the progression of air through our bod just dandy. I moved on to the mediastinum, which is the space between the lungs that contains your heart and other goodies. And everything was fine until I got to the thoracic duct. It got confusing, and I decided ignoring it was the only responsible thing to do.

So here I am. 

Remember this post? Slaba Slaaaba Tuesday. Well, I need to clear some things up.

Remember our slaba...slaaaba creature? Turns out he has a name.

Thanks to my dad and also LJo's dad, I now know that this weird fella is actually Gill-man. And he is featured in a feature film, Creature from the Black Lagoon. 

The film came out in 1954, which would explain why this photo is in black and white. You'll have to imagine for yourself his icky, gilly green skin and fiery, fierce red lips and piercing amarillo eyes

And it turns out the poor guy is just looking for love.

It doesn't look like he is having much luck with the ladies though.

But good news! When I googled the movie, apparently a remake of Creature from the Black Lagoon is in the works and should come out in 2013. And Channing Tatum is supposed to be in it. Maybe they wanted to bring in a ladies man so Gill-man would have a better chance at love. It could be an incredible, inspirational story of hope. I mean, if Gill-man is able to find love, that means there is hope for us all, right?

Also, I went back to check my book and see if it did in fact mention the movie. 
And it did.
Granted it mentioned it in this paragraph at the top of the page. The picture should have had a caption.
But it is amazing what you learn when you actually read your textbook.

The other thing I needed to clarify from Slaba...Slaaaba Tuesday was this picture:

I showed you my new bud, Emily, with her bounty from Trader Joe's.

But I did not in fact clarify what was in the discreet brown bag.

And I didn't want you people to think Emily is a boozehound. 

All that is in the bag is soy milk.


Emily, I still love you, even if you drink soy.

And with that, I'm gonna head back to try and bond with the thoracic duct some more.

I can only give the cold shoulder for so long before I feel guilty. 

And PS - I'm off to Clemson for the weekend to help a friend move. Her name is Emily too. My life is out of control. Ciao for now, Chucktown!

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  1. What a relief! Thanks for saving my reputation!

    P.S. I don't understand why the Slaba Slaaaba man isn't having much luck with the ladies. He seems almost as charming as Hugh to me.