Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Slaba Slaaaba Tuesday

1. Time for another timeline.
 - 3 days and class is over!
 - 7 days and finals are over!
 - 8 days and on a airplane to Nashveeeele
 - 8 days and drive to Memphis to see Kelsey and Jay
 - 10 days and a baby shower for Hank
 - 11 days and on a airplane to Colorado
 - 11 thru 17 days and explore with great unknown wilderness of CO with the fam.

2. Stephen, my park ranging brother whom I'm going to visit in 11 thru 17 days, rescued two kayakers Sunday. Long story short-ish, two kayakers were in this reservoir surrounded by a canyon with only one entrance/exit. A dam flows into this reservoir, and the current is extra strong right now because the snow is melting off the mountains. And the kayakers couldn't kayak their way upstream to get out! So Stephen got to go out in his trusty steed of a federal motor boat and go get them outta the canyon and then boat them back upstream in the class III rapids so they could all go home! Stephen's handy like that.

3. I had a thrilling Sunday too! I'm not really a hero in this story though. Actually, there's no hero in this story. All I did was go to a new grocery store. It's called Trader Joe's. Apparently, it's a big trendy deal. And now I feel so hip and trendy. And a little lame. Because no kayakers needed saved in the store.

But here's some of my bounty.


I also got some bread, and I can't stop snacking on it. It's fabulous! I had two slices last night for a midnight snack. And two more this morning for a mid-mornin' snack. I'm a bread freak, and I'm not sorry.

This girl went with me to conquer the new grocery store:

This is Emily. She's one of the first friends I made here in Chucktown and definitely one of my faves. Her heart for Jesus is absolutely contagious; I love it! And she's got a quirky sense of humor which pretty much means we're made for each other! A bunch of us watched a movie this weekend, and Emily didn't mind when I kept commentating. She even encouraged it, I think. This is a good sign for our friendship. and it's future. We're even gonna have another movie night tonight! A Hugh Grant movie cause we think he's presh. and good lookin. and quirky too.

4. "No name" aka my silver civic had to go to the doctor. Poor ole girl. She was humming. When I googled her humming symptoms, some forum said this is probably a wheelbearing issue and that if it wasn't fixed the wheel could fall off and this could be fatal. But it didn't say fatal for whom. Would it be the car? Or me? Or an innocent bystander? I didn't want to find out. So I went and got her fixed.

And impressively, my diagnosis was right. It was a wheelbearing issue! I now have new primo wheelbearings. Still have no clue what a wheelbearing is, but if you ever need someone to diagnose your car, I'm here.

Just don't ask me to diagnose your health. I'll get on webmd and probably decide you're dying. WebMD tells me I'm dying on a monthly basis. I'm not sure who is more dramatic. WebMD or me?

5. I took my last surface anatomy test today. Surface anatomy is where, technically, we palpate each other to find bony structures and various muscles. Untechnically, we poke and prode each other and hope for the best.

Our book for this class, however, is a weirdo. Let me show you.

Rock climbers climbing arm muscles? That's a little strange, but maybe just creative. So whateve. We'll let it pass.

And they kinda keep up with the climbing theme with this gross-o picture:

I mean, surely there is a better way to show off the jaw and some facial muscles, but whateve, we'll let it slide.

Now the majority of pages in this three hundred textbook do pretty much look normal like this one:

You're shown a picture of a specific structure and told how to palpate it. Remember how to find your palmaris longus?!

But there is one way random picture in this book. And is the real reason this book is a weirdo. It supposed to represent your platysma muscle, which is the muscle you use to make like a grimacy Hulk face. But this is picture they chose to rep it:


And what does slaba...slaaaba mean?!

He is just staring at you from the page.

He (or she? It is wearing lipstick.) is like the freak child of the Grinch, a goblin, and a Shar-pei.

I don't really understand. But the class is now over so I'm going to try and move on with my life.

6. Blogger is kinda fun because they tell you stats about your site.

Here are some search queries people have done that have led them to my site:

  "free willy"
  "charleston mom blog"
  "kelsey windham wedding"
  "jay and kelsey windha,"
  "kelsey and jay windham" - people must be obsessed with ya'll! good grief!
  "frolicking in charlotte emily joy"
  "centerpieces made the suckers" - this is the most common one used to bring people here. 

So I guess people only read my blog to relive the Kelsey & Jay wedding and to see my mom's centerpieces.

Or to see how my mothering, life in charlotte, and care of free willy is going.

7. I had the best Saturday this past weekend because we had a girls' night. Complete with kentucky derby pie, chocolate chip cookies, popcorn, and the movie Center Stage. It's a intense saga about these students at the American Ballet Academy. And man, they can dance!

I was a ballerina once. For a year or two. When we had recitals, I was always stuck in the back of my group. Not because I was tall. But because I was awful. I had to have people in front of me so I could have a clue what to do!

And whenever we did any kind of spin move, and I lost the visual cues of the girls in front of me, things got a little unpretty. 

Anyways, we all got inspired by our dance movie, and decided to be our own dance crew.

As you can see, I'm overcompensating for all those years I was stuck in the back.

My friend Dannae and I convinced everyone they needed to learn the Hoedown Throwdown. Yes, that's a dance Miley Cyrus made up. And yes, I'm actually twelve.

After a little bit of practice, this is what we came up with:

Yep. That's me up front.

I'll be overcompensating for those awkward, young ballet years until I die.


  1. what an entertaining post!
    1. those icecreams look yum.
    2. i don't know what slaba slaaaba means, but that is most definitely the loch ness monster.
    3. i'm glad you will not be having a fatal accident, because i think it meant it would be fatal to you. you're too young to die!!!
    4. i love you. see you soon.

  2. Oh... what an honor to be in your blog! Thanks for being sweet. (I do encourage commentating, by the way). Hugh night was great! Thanks for making that happen!
    1. I loved girl talking in popazon chairs. (I just decided to spell it like I want).
    2. I got my picture messaging working! So I will send you ridiculous pictures sometime just for fun. Get ready.
    3. In that picture up there ^ I look like I'm hijacking some booze in a paper bag. Please tell the public it was only vanilla soy milk!!!!
    4. I agree with Lindsey Jo's #3.

  3. Hey Emily-
    I'm creeping over to your blog from Lindsey Jo's. Hope you are enjoying Charleston- a very cool place with lots to do. (Have you eaten at the Noisy Oyster? A personal fave of mine. Folly Beach is lovely too.)

    PS- the pic is of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

    Lindsey Jo's Dad

  4. I'm so proud of your Hoedown Throwdown continuance! That makes me soo happy!

  5. 1. you've never heard of Trader Joe's?? I didnt realize they dont have them in TN...they're practically everywhere in Cali (but then again, CA is the health food nut capital of the world, I think).
    2. your textbook is insane! ha!
    3. I have never known anyone to shimmy as well as you do Emily Windham! :)