Monday, November 21, 2011

Side Hug? Jump Hug?

I feel like I'm trying to greet a friend I used to be really close to...
but now haven't seen in a long time.

What do you say?

Where do you begin?

Do you hug? Shake hands? Jump hug? High five? Side hug? Thumbs up?

Pet their shoulder?

Probably not.

Unless you're me.

And have a problem.

I really just like to show some love with a good shoulder pet.

It's a gift.

That's a lie.

I'm sorry.

But not really.

Okay, I don't even know what's happening anymore. 
I came back here to blog, let me try again..

OH hey there,

It's been a while. You've probably missed me. Okay, that's doubtful. But I've missed typing out little life blurbs. So I'm back.

And yes, this is real life.

And no, you don't need to pinch yourself.

So here's a recap of what's been happening round here:

1.  My parents came to visit for a whole week! And it was awesome! We frolicked around downtown and at the beach. We ate at amazing restaurants. Seriously, they were so good, I may start crying just thinking about them.. But it was a great week, and I felt like I was on vacay all week even though I had class and two tests that week. Its all whateves when you get to spend time with fam and have delicious food in your belly.

Please note the man above in the background. And no, that's not even a speedo. Just old man undies.

They brought Casey, our lab! This was her first time to the beach!

2.  Lindsey Jo popped out a baby.
Notice I said popped and not pooped. That would be gross!
His name is Isaac Henry. He's the most handsome little man I've ever seen!

Here she is in the labor socks we made!

I got to meet him over Skype while he was still less than 24 hours old!

And here he is, only a month later, wishing me a happy birthday! What a little gentleman.

I'm obsessed!

And I get to meet him in two days!

And I'm P to the U to the M to the P to the E to the D.

3.  And as Isaac Henry so thoughtfully told you, it was my birthday this past week! I turned 23! I have decided that this is my last year in the "early twenties" and that I had better live it up.

So I made a list of things to get done in the next 364 days. I'll share it with you soon I'm sure.

And if you have suggestions of things to add, let me know!

On my birthday, I felt so overwhelmed with love. Jesus has so blessed me with my family and friends. At school, some friends threw me a surprise birthday lunch. With hot dogs, chocolate chip cookies, crowns, a ballon and peanut butter M&M's!

Here's Aliece! This girl knows how to do birthdays right :)

Here's my amazing classmates! We definitely wore these crowns to our next two classes!

I came home to cheesecake from my roommate! So good, it brings Cheesecake Factory to shame, and I'm not kidding. I got to have several phone dates with friends. Kelsey and Jay wrote and performed me a birthday song over Skype. To the tune of Rocky Top. A sweet card and photos from Mom and Dad. A poem from Ann. 

And I also got these amazing flowers from Anna Blair:

Then some good ole friends, Emily and Jared, drove forever to come visit for the weekend. They walked in the door holding this:

And these!

It was a great weekend, frolicking around with them. Plus, Emily's birthday was on Saturday. And Jared's birthday is this coming week. So it was a triple threat of birthdays. SNAP! BOOM! WHAT!

Okay, I'll stop.

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