Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just call me the Baby Whisperer

I think the photo speaks for itself.

Cesar Millan better watch out.
This new Whisperer is putting all other Whisperers to shame.

But I have much more to tell you than this.

I travelled to Tennessee last week.
Past palm trees, rain, mountains, and an exit sign called Bat Cave.

Thanksgiving Day was awesome. And oh so very relaxing. It was just my parents and I. Which meant we kept cooking simple, yet still satisfying and delish. It was nice not to have to spend the whole day cooking up an epic feast and then cleaning up the aftermath.

Not that I ever do a lot of the cooking. Or cleaning. But it was nice not to watch others being hurried in the kitchen. Mom got to watch the Macy's Parade for the first time in years. And we watched the dog show. And the poodle didn't win. So it was a successful day all around.

We did miss Stephen though. He is still out in CO living the dream, working as security at a ski resort. So to compensate for our loss, we Facetimed him every night. And pelted him with important questions.

"Is it cold there?"

"Have you made any friends?"

"Do you miss me?"

"Can I come visit?"

"If I visit, do I have to go skiing?"

"If I go skiing, will I die?"

"Is it possible to ski off the mountain?"

"Have you found a lady?"

"Is it getting serious?"

"Are you in love?"

"If I come skiing, can I meet her?"

"If she comes skiing, can she bring her brother?"

I don't know why girls get a bad rap for asking too many penetrating questions. I only ask what I absolutely and crucially need to know. Being 23 changes nothing when it comes to being a pesky little sister.

The next day, while everyone else was out being hoodlums on Black Friday, Ann and her momma came up, and we went to hang out with Isaac Henry. And as you can tell from the photo above, I am, without a doubt, Isaac Henry's favoritest aunt.

Here he is with the woman who freed him from her womb.

Here we are altogether. It is always so fun to reunited. And laugh til we cry. We are hoping to get together again for a couple of days over Christmas.
1) until we are all neighbors, various togethers will have to do.
2) Isaac Henry will be a whole 2 months and will have lots of fun reflexes I can play with.
3) Lindsey Jo and I want to watch the Twilight movies and make fun of them.

Then Saturday, after traumatizing loving on Isaac Henry, Ann and I went shopping with our mommas. Shopping on the Saturday after Black Friday is pretty magical. The deals are still there, but the scary people are not. I didn't get punched, maced, or elbowed. Shall we call it Sweet Saturday? All the fools are gone Saturday? Late bird gets the worm this time because we are not sleep deprived and still got ballin discounts so take that suckers Saturday?

Our shopping center knows how to deck the halls.

See? I wasn't kidding.

Here some finds from our shopping venture. Flannel and jeans. Doesn't get better than that.

It was an awesome break. I also got to see Ami working it at Kay's Jewelers. And I got to have a Thanksgiving leftover lunch with Beck and her family. It was wonderful, but way too short. And I think I'm going to have to make broccoli casserole this week because their's was awesome and I'm craving more.

So I have to grind it out for exactly two more weeks.
And then I get freedom for three whole weeks!
And I cannot wait!

Ready to have those 2 practicals and 3 finals in the rearview mirror as I drive back to Tennessee!

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