Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey Lurkey

So since the move to Charleston, I have gotten pretty intense about sleep.
I like to get at least 8 to 9 hours per night or I'm a miserable zomb the next day.

But every now and then, I can't get to sleep.
Typically because I'll caught up thinking about things of great importance.
...Like what location I should hold my wedding.
Because that's something I need to be losing sleep over.


Anyways, several nights ago, I couldn't get to sleep.
So I turned to faithful p Dub to distract me for a bit.
That woman never fails to deliver.
And through her website, I found these guys:

Doesn't get much cuter than that, eh?

So I messaged Dannae saying we needed to make these guys for our class the week of Thanksgiving.

Dannae is a cooking, crafting queen herself and was all over it.

So yesterday, with the help of Becca & Savannah, we put these little guys together!

And here we are with the little fruits of our labor:

It was a fun cooking craft. Pretty basic. Even you could do it.

Though that should be obvious. If I accomplish any craftin or cookin feat, that pretty much means any functioning human [or monkey] should be able to achieve the task. 

And now, I'm off to get my oil changed, tires rotated, and whateve else No Name needs to take me home.

Then, pharmacology lecture and six hours of driving is all that stands between me and Tennessee!

That will get me to Knoxville, at least. Spending the night with the adorbs McDonalds, and heading to the Murf on Wednesday. 

Excited to be back in Big Orange Country/ Music City USA/ The Geographical Center of Tennessee!

And don't worry, I got some more books on CD to get me home.

All children's books of course.

Because I'm actually 12.

And PS - I just had ice cream cake for breakfast.

Told you I'm 12.

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  1. These posts are great! I've missed your bloggin! It's hard to be inspired to blog when you're not doin it. Since you're the reason I started blogging again this summer. Haha. So, glad to have you back.

    I'm glad to hear you had an awesome birthday. And that you got to see your parents. And that you get to go home soon. Not so glad that you won't be in Charleston when I'm home this week. But it is perfectly understandable. Will you leave before Wednesday? Cause that's when I head down with my Chinese friend, Bin Bin. :)

    Have a marvelous Tuesday!